Raspberry Pi 3 and the DS18B20 Temp Probe

Hi Guys,

We are looking to build the project for the temp probe


I am unable to get the ID to return from probe. As per the jpeg below. I have check the Circuit diagram twice.

Any Advice on what next would be great.





Hi Morty,

It looks like you’ve done everything right. Could you try and post a picture of your wiring so we can take a look at that? The jpeg you referenced didn’t seem to work.


That is what I get with regard to the probe but no ID returned…

Hi Morty,
Do you have a multimeter handy to test out the voltages on the pins?

First rule of troubleshooting!

The only concern I have is the 3-pin screw terminals being used with the breadboard - their pins are quite a thick gauge and you might find that pushing them into a breadboard can damage the breadboard or create an intermittent connection fault.

Indeed, I would say try putting those wires directly into the breadboard and see if that makes a difference

Hi Guys, i removed the 3 pin screw terminal and go the below response. However there is no ID with a 28 - etc and it only responds once. then back to the original. Any Thoughts

Hi Sam, I have 3.3 Volts were i should. Is that the voltage you wanted me to check

Hmm, yeah that doesn’t look like it. Where did you measure 3.3V? Does both the power and data line measure 3.3V?

yes i have 3.3v. I have removed the board all together and soldered just the temp circuit. I think the issue is with Raspberrian.

what version of Raspberry did the tutorial use when it was built?

I was using a pre-pixel version at the time of that tutorial, but that shouldn’t affect anything. Perhaps the last effort would be to try a fresh image of raspbian? If that doesn’t work, shoot us an email and we can go from there.

Hi Sam. was the first thing i did. :slight_smile: Thought i might have broke something. There is a lot of chatter regarding this issue. I have added lines to the config.txt file as some of the raspberry forum’s suggest.



Hmm, just reply to your order confirmation email and we can go from there.