Raspberry Pi 3+ Power Supply (Official) (CE00278)

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The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the most power hungry platform released to-date and requires a 5.1V 2.5A power source. This is the official power supply by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is suitable for use with all Raspberry Pi Models, including the latest Pi 3.

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Looking for power supply for Raspberry-Pi 3B+ which run Octoprint and a Logitech C270 camera to drive FDM 3D printer. The official 2.5A wall-wart looks OK, but I like the idea of the extra wiggle-room in the R-Pi4 unit (3Ah). However, I will need a USB-C socket to micro-USB plug adapter. What options do I have?

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Hi Peter,

The official power supply would be best as it is 5.1V as required by RPi SBC boards (to avoid undervoltage issues). There is plenty of elbow room for peripherals, so a webcam should be totally fine.


Thanks, James.

My workflow is based on separate power for printers and Pis. I know I could change it, but the existing workflow works well and I’d rather not change. The way I power the Pis at the moment is not adequate, and I want to replace the USB power supply.

Looks like the 2.5A units are best - at least I don’t have to buy separate USB plug converters.