Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen

Hi All,

I’ve been sitting on this a while and wanting to try again.

Briefly, I have a Pi 3, 2.8" TFT 2298 and the NOOBS card and I am having trouble getting the screen to work. The Pi and card work great when I connect it to another monitor. The ADAFRUIT website suggested that;
1/ I download a copy of Jessie and go from there. My concern is that if I download another OS onto NOOBS I’ll be running an older version than I’d prefer. Is there a way I can have the new version of software and the touchscreen working?
Thanking you in advance,


Hi Adam,

It’s a little more involved than just downloading Jessie, what step are you getting to in this setup guide and not getting the expected outcome (there are a couple of pages, it’s a great step-by-step)?

Just take an image backup of your microSD card using something like Win32 Disk Imager - you can always revert back whenever you like, without downloading NOOBS / re-configuring things. With that said, follow the guide, verbatim (note the notes, etc). Once it’s up and running you should be able to update Jessie as normal.