Raspberry Pi Rainbow Screen and wont start

Hi guys spoke with Steven. I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B last week and Im having issues, when i plug it in it gives me the rainbow screen and the red light flashes on the board of the Pi. I have tried the NOOBS SD card the came with the device, my custom image and i still get the same issue. Can you guys get back to me ASAP

Cheers Nick

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Hey Nick,

Could you try a different SD card? Keep in mind that the SD Card needs to be between 8GB and 32GB ideally.

Could you try that out and get back to me?

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The flashing red light is normal, unless it is flashing in a particular pattern.

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The OS I had was in a different SD card. The Noobs doesn’t work either


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Any updates?

This sounds like a classic symptom for using and an old version of the operating system.

Try physically download the latest version of NOOBS, or use the one that came with your Starter Kit. My bet is it’ll work just fine.

PS @Nick56472 - We did email you to say we upgraded your RPi3 to the latest model. As you used “reorder” on an old order, the Starter Kit now comes with the 3B+ (not the 3B). Rainbow screen is the error you’ll see if you are using an old OS (3B or earlier). You can upgrade the OS from an older RPi and then use it on the 3B+ or just download fresh.

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Hi @Nick56472, how did things go, back on track?

Hi guys all fixed yes correct it was an old OS