Raspberry Pi 4 Initial setup

After quite a wait, I finally received my Pi 4 Desktop Kit today. Yayyyyy!!

A few pointers for others on setting it up>

  1. While the Pi 4 has two HDMI ports, they are not equal. If you are only connecting 1 monitor, it needs to be connected to the port closest to the USB-C power connection. If you don’t, then you won’t get any output.

  2. The initial configuration script asks if you want to update the installed packages. This actually fails, but you don’t get any errors messages about this. So don’t reboot yet. Open a termial and run

sudo apt update

this will prompt saying the release in one of the repositoy files has changed from tessttig to stable. Enter Y and it will continue. You must use apt and not apt-get. apt-get will not prompt.
then you can run

sudo apt upgrade

and after this you can reboot.

Regards and happy computing.