Pi 4 OS Issues

A quick tip as the Pi 4 experiences some issues with the micro-SD cards with NOOBS pre-installed.

As trevor9971 very helpfully pointed out in the previous post, to remedy the Pi 4 needs a full upgrade using the below commands.

First, update your system’s package list by entering the following command:

sudo apt update

Next, upgrade all your installed packages to their latest versions with the following command:

sudo apt full-upgrade

Note that full-upgrade is used in preference to a simple upgrade, as it also picks up any dependency changes that may have been made.

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Thanks for the full-upgrade tip!

I tried to boot mine out of the box from a raspbian SD card I made myself. Now it looks like needing a full bootstrap.

Something’s not 100% with the Pi4’s. I hope this all works.

Sadly, mine has turned into something a little more serious. I attempted the bootstrap (it turns out unnecessarily) and still had not luck after following the directions on the official RPi forums.

yeah I had mine corrupt an SD card too. Sadly after many hours of python (and no backups…=idiot) I gave up trying to recover it and moved back to my Pi3 for the time being. On the plus side, all my PI’s NOW backup hourly to an AWS S3 blob !

typically the code you should enter is this…

apt update && apt full-upgrade && apt dist-upgrade

dist-upgrade will give you any new kernel firmware etc.etc and other system package upgrades as they are released…