Download Raspbian

My Pi 4 arrived a couple of days ago but I am not able to get it running. I tried the 2018-03-13-raspbian-stretch.img and Berryboot (and a couple of other raspian jessie also) but I cannot get past the first boot stage and no HDMI screen. Is there a special variant or a config setting that I should be using? I have ordered a NOOBS card from Core and I await that eagerly, but if there is a pre-existing issue then that will not work until modified also, so I am keen to know an answer.

@Fred85537 - we did, though we’ve sold out both stock on hand along with stock arriving. We’ll make them buyable again when we get more news from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

You’ll need to update while inserted into an older RPi board, or, download the latest version from

While the latest Raspbian (Buster) works just fine, it may take days/weeks for other distros to support the new A72 hardware.

Thanks, Graham, I have tried a few times to download Buster and keep getting download failures, so I was trying the older versions. The Pi site makes it clear that buster is the required version for the Pi 4 and is not officially due until the 7th of July.

Up and running on buster. Zip download kept failing. Torrent went fine.