Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - Board Revisions

Hey all just wrapped up a new tutorial “Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - Board Revisions

Raspberry Pi Foundation is often coy with its board revisions. It can either take a keen eye or a poignant line of code placed into the Raspbian terminal to figure out the difference between them. So I’ve zoomed into the problem and provided you with the tools to unravel the mysteries. Also if you want the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B here it is.

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I’m confused. The image name suggests the version 1 board is on top in the image, the article’s text says version 2 is on top.

Thanks for that mate, I’ll fix it all up

All clear and sorted now, refresh your browser or click this link

That’d be great, Tim.

I’ve got a Pi4 of each memory size so could hook them up and check, it’d have to be in a few days though, or after Christmas.

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Sounds good David,

Make sure to let us know how you go. Have a Merry Christmas!