Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB Board Version?

I am intrested in buying a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB (SKU: CE06425). Is this 1.2 revision board that had the USB C port power issue fix ??

Hi Tanshu,

Revision 1.2 is certainly out there, however, 1.1 is still in production as well. We’re unable to unbox or guarantee which version you’ll receive.

In any case, you should only use a 5.1V Power Supply (not an overpriced 5V e-charger for Apple devices, etc). The PSU’s we recommend are designed for RPI Single Board Computers. They are engineered to ensure power-to-the-chip is exactly what it needs to be, so that the CPU does not slow down when other peripheries are connected (and during heavy CPU loads).

I hope that info helps, 1.2+ will someday become the only revision, though everything works perfectly with 1.1 when using a 5.1V Power Supply (as engineered).

Here’s an article to tell which particular version that you’ve got (excluding the new Pi 4 8 Gb):

Have a great day!

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