Raspberry Pi 4 NUC Bundle (4GB) (CE08080)

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Setup a small-form-factor Raspberry Pi 4 computer with this intuitive kit

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What heat sink’s will fit and be compatible with this kit, bundle?

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Hi Kim,

The ONE case includes extrusions inside the case that press against the CPU and other chips. The active and passive cooling are great so no need for additional heatsinking.


I have one of these cases.
The top case is metal and gets warm when the Pi is running.
So the whole case is the heat sink.
The lower portion of the case is plastic.


EDIT: Forgot there was a fan in this device. But for my situation the fan hardly runs.
Highly recommend this case or the M.2 case which has an additional section for installing a boot SSD card. In my opinion moving all the cable connections to the rear panel is the greatest benefit of these cases.

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Hey Kim,

The Argon One V2 also has a great PWM cooling fan. The speeds are controllable dependent on the temperature of the Pi. You will be able to find easy install instructions, including on how to get the software incorporated in Argon40’s PDF guide here.
It is one of the better cooling options that I would recommend for the Pi 4.