Raspberry Pi 5 Case, Black/Grey (Official) (CE09790)

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Protect and cool your Raspberry Pi 5 with the updated official case.

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Does this case support the BOTTOM NVMe HAT ?

Hi @Kevin49316 - welcome to the forums :smiley:

Short answer, no.

The description of either product do not state compatibility so I would expect they won’t work together in this case. The additional height introduced by the HAT is probably a killer.

Note also that this case provides access to the Pi’s uSD card - which would be disrupted by adding the bottom HAT

If the Pineberry HatDrive! Bottom (NVMe 2230, 2242, 2280 GEN 3) for Raspberry Pi 5 is what you are referring to, it is not an official Raspberry Pi product.

The Raspberry Pi Corporation’s failure to recognise other manufactures hats and make a case to suit hats has frustrated me ever since I bought their products. The official Pi 3, Pi 4 & Pi-Zero cases are next to useless if you want to any real world work with the Pi. I see this product as fitting the same basket.

Other manufactures will come out with cases to suit, eventually, but it should be the Raspberry Pi Corporation leading the field. (still don’t have my Pi 5, sigh).