Raspberry Pi and Particle.io

I have followed the tutorial on the Raspberry pi getting email through ifttt and having particle.io trigger an event. Enjoyed learning from the instructor.
My Question: Can i run a .py script through a trigger from particle.io? What i am trying to do is to get an email with multiple subjects and trigger a script based of the subject of the email.
if email with subject of x,y or z. trigger script 1.py, 2.py or 3.py respectively. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Kenny, I think you’re talking about the Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners course. If that’s not correct please let me know.

You can see from the course information that you can have IFTTT check your email and perform different functions based on subject lines in messages. You can then send a different messages for your device to act on. Unfortunately Particle devices don’t run Python, but you could get your Raspberry Pi to subscribe to a feed from Particle IO and execute different Python files depending on the messages received.

Please let me know if that’s not the information you were after.

  • Chris.
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This is what im looking for. I have ifttt connected to paricle and my subcription works, however im not sure how to get it to call a python script. If this is something you can help as far as syntax i would be grateful.

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This is outside my experience at the moment. @graham are you able to pitch in please? Chris

G’day again Kenny, @Aidan has brought to my attention Process Control, a new feature of the Particle IO firmware for Raspberry Pi. It looks like what you want. Your subscription to Particle IO can provide you with different messages when emails are received and a Raspberry Pi can then execute separate Python files using Process Control.
I hope this helps. Would you please let me know how you go with it?

  • Chris.