Raspberry Pi Pico H (With Headers) (CE08702)

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This is the Raspberry Pi Pico with Headers pre-soldered. Ready for quick prototyping and projects.

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“The debug connector is a JST-SH 3-Pin (which isn’t used by most peopel - so don’t stress about it!).”
but for use with the new debug probe this is super useful. the debug probe has a lead for it.

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Hi Joe,

That’s great to hear! Were you referring to this debug probe?


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Do you sell the JST-SH 3pin cable separately?
What exactly IS coming out of that debug port (i.e. pwm? Voltage? Bytes?) (is there a name for the protocol I could google)?

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Hi Pix,

I belive the connector used is a JST-SH (3 pin) - JST SH 1mm Pitch 3 Pin to Socket Headers Cable - 100mm long | Adafruit ADA5765 | Core Electronics Australia

The pico by default is setup to use SWD on those 3-pin connectors: https://core-electronics.com.au/attachments/uploads/raspberry-pi-debug-probe-product-brief.pdf

And not to mention that the same connector is also present on the new Pi 5 giving access to messages on boot