PicoProbe PCB kit (CE09158)

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Turn your Raspberry Pi Pico into a debug probe This PCB is designed to turn a Pico into a nice debug probe using the PicoProbe software. The kit provides…

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this is one of the worst types of design.
and the price!
omg! if this is an example of future ‘kits’
we should be very wary of such poorly
made and presented, overpriced gear.

Hi Joe,

What about the design don’t you like? Hardware wise it’s quite simple but that’s usually a quality when it comes to circuit design as there’s less to go wrong.

Is there a probe you’ve used that you’d recommend as a better alternative we should be adding to our product range?

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I tend to agree with @joe68898 $17.90 what is just a pcb and a few connectors does seem to much.
The concept is excellent using PicoProbe software. But I could easily use just a few wires between the two boards.

Initially from the pic I thought its ok but “(Raspberry Pi Pico not included):”

Then I noticed the manufacturer is Pimoroni, not surprising the price. They make excellent stuff but fall down in documentation and schematics. I cannot fault their refund policy, when a small board failed they sent me a replacement and did not want the broken one back.

I can see this being a very useful device in development, just the $17.90 is too much.

Hi Jim,

I see what you mean, air freighting these from the UK does increase the cost of these units. Perhaps we can spin up our own in-house design and come up with a similar Makerverse offering with a more competitive price, or find a way to bundle the Picos with the probe kit.
I’ll pass the feedback along to our product team and see what they can come up with.

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