Raspberry Pi WAP + Web server

So I’m doing a project where I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as the master device with an Web server/SQL database serving commands to several slave esp8266 modules for various reasons.

I had nginx running a web server on my local network and it worked brilliantly controlling all the modules whenever needed, however after a while I noticed a lot of devices piling up on the local network and it started to put a lot of traffic through the router - as a result, slowing it down.

My idea is to set up the same web server, but instead of being on my local home network, running the Pi as a WAP in order to separate the two networks.

Anyone got any ideas on how to do this?

How many devices have you got on your network and what are they transferring to make your router load up?

It’s not unusual for me to have 20-30 devices on my IoT network and three video streams running at the same time with no issues. If they’re just making HTTP calls for commands you should be able to run a lot more than I do without issues.

Your router should be able to connect around 250 devices but some do have a configured limit to around 50 devices that you can change in the admin screen. This limit wouldn’t slow down your router, you just won’t be able to connect more devices.

The Raspberry Pi is more likely to have issues. I’ve never tried running more that a dozen devices at the same time but I had no issues with 25 commands per second simultaneously to all devices (streaming RGB LED commands at 25Hz). Others have said they can’t get 20 devices connected at the same time on a Raspberry Pi 3b.

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I’ve got around 10 devices throwing 5khz info. From what I see it may not be as much the rpi setup but an issue with the current WAP/modem. We’ve had other issues with this modem in the past so I might replace it and see if that fixes the issue.

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