Stepper Motor Power

Hi all, this looks like a fantastic resource to get some community and CoreElectronics support for my purchases and projects.

I’ve have 4x Bipolar Stepper Motors (SKU: POLOLU-1478) running each at 3.2V & 2.8A/Phase. I’m struggling to clearly work out what the power supply requirements will be for the 2 poles for 4 motors.

From my previous resarch I was directed to simply stack the Amps = 4(2.8*2)
While a steppers can be super complex with temperature, rotation speed etc I am looking for the most stable and longlasting solution.

What do you believe would be best outcome. 1 PSU powering 4 motors; 2 PSUs powering 2 motors; or 4 PSUs powering 4 motors?
How would you power 4x Bipolar Stepper Motors (SKU: POLOLU-1478)?

Any links, advice or recommendations are welcomed.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Anthony,

In my experience with using similar motors in my projects, you’re usually good to go with 1 PSU as long as the power supply provides a clear enough gap over the requirements so that if you’ve got any random spikes from introducing a sudden load, the motors jamming or similar you’re still covered. As for your power supply, it depends on the setup you’ve already got in order to control the motors and the max ratings there, do you have any specifications of the current parts you’re using? (or plan to use)

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Hi @Anthony41938

You haven’t mentioned what stepper driver board you are connecting the stepper motors to. The driver board can usually be driven with a higher voltage than the stepper motors. You could for example supply the stepper driver with 12V DC, and the stepper driver then controls the V and A for the stepper motor.

So what stepper driver are you using?