Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (Wireless) (CE08211)

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Pi Zero 2 W is a big leap forward with a quad-core 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM.

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What are the differences between this and the pi zero.

Thank you for your consideration.


Would like to upgrade from the Pi Zero W. Any idea when they will be back in stock?

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Hi Eddie, Welcome to the Forum.

Here is a comparison - the main difference is the processor.

Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
Broadcom BCM2835
Raspberry Pi RP3A0 with Broadcom BCM2710A1, 512MB RAM
Single-core Arm11 @ 1 GHz
Quad-core Cortex-A53 @ 1 GHz (overclockable to 1.2 GHz)

@G177630 Quad-core sounds nice.
For me the Zero has been a very useful device but suffers from memory limitation and CPU speed.
It will not run the GUI interface nicely, much too slow.
Might be time to buy one of these and give it a test.
Thanks for the information.



Hi Fractal,

The last stock we have of the Zero 2 Ws has been allocated to our starter and essentials kits, but for those looking to upgrade these aren’t as cost-effective if you don’t need the accessories.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA for when we will receive the next shipment of Pi Zero 2s. We’ve got orders in with the Pi foundation but until we have a shipment on the way with tracking information and confirmed stock numbers we can’t know when they will be available to order.

If you hit the link on the product page to sign up for notifications, then you will receive an email at midnight as soon as the Zero 2 Ws become available to order with a confirmed lead time.


Hi James46717

I have also tried the Pi Zero W running a desktop but it was painfully slow. If you want to run a desktop the Pi 4 or Pi 400 is best. But as a headless microcontroller the Pi Zero W is awesome with its features and reliability. Use the Lite version of the OS.

The Pi Zero 2 W has a much more powerful CPU. But it only has 512MB of RAM so I will be interested to find out if that is enough to run a desktop.

Many of my applications are just running a python script so I am not sure that 4 cores will help much. My interest in the Pi Zero 2 W is for use in more intensive applications such as running a wireless apache web server or network server.


Hi Trent

Intention is to use the Pi Zero 2 W headless so I only need a micro usb cable for power and I have plenty of those lying about.

I had already requested a notification when it is back in stock. I also requested notifications for the Pi4 model B 8GB and Pi Zero W which have been out of stock for ages. Sigh.


Hi Fractal,

I’d also have a look at the 3A+, its smaller than the B and still packs specs very similar to the Zero 2 W.
The size is a bit bigger than the Zero but still very useful!


So from my 11:10PM email last night to notify 02W are back in stock until now, you have Zero stock already. Did they send only 3 units? I tried earlier from my phone (approx 9AM), and it wouldn’t let me buy either with no message. Finally at a PC to be disappointed again. When are some real numbers of these things coming in?


I’m hoping that it might be that they haven’t updated the website stock level yet. Of course, it could also be as you say (small quantity) or they indicated a stock level change in error. Hopefully, we get some clarification soon. :thinking:

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Hey KegRaider, Mark,

Thanks for your messages. Stock has run out for single boards, though we still have kits available as noted on the product page.

All the best with your projects.


Hello I’d like to know when will stock be available again for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.

Thank you

Hi Marius,

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

As of writing this, we are totally sold out of Raspberry Pi stand-alone boards though we do have some stock of the Pi 4B and Pi Zero 2 W boards in our kits.

I thought I was buying the raspberry pie zero W-2. Instead, I received the pie boat which consisted of four or five pieces of plastic for the price of $26. Thank you very much I won’t be doing business with you in the future

What did you order?


Did you buy this? Pibow Zero 2 W | Pimoroni PIM595 | Core Electronics Australia

It does say “Does not include a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W!” in the description. The Zero 2 W has been out of stock for quite some time


Hi Steven,

If you believe you haven’t received something you ordered, or that our product descriptions led you astray, please reach out via the email address listed on our contact page.

Keen to get to the bottom of this one! I’ll update the thread here if there is info that would help the community.

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I bought one of these and it’s brilliant for my use case. But I broke the camera connector locking plastic.

How does one go about ordering another one? Can these clips be purchased individually or do I have to buy a whole unit?

Hi Peeps,
I’m helping my daughter with a school project and have just purchased a RasPi Zero 2 W kit, plus build head (as we already have lego motors). She wants the unit to be voice controlled. I’ve done quite a bit of searching and it seemed that just with a microphone and downloading the right software the Zero would allow voice control of the motors.
Is this correct or do I need additional hardware for the microphone to plug into?
Thanks heaps,