Raspberry Pi Zero WH (Wireless with Soldered Headers) (CE05324)

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The Raspberry Pi Zero WH model is just like the W, except it has a professionally soldered header and no quantity restrictions!

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Do I entitle to purchase for this price 25.36 AUD, exc GST as it will be sent to Malaysia?

I bought one of these in August last year - for $21.41. Now it’s $27.50 - a 28% increase! Just sayin’

BTW: That said, it’s an amazing bit of kit for it’s size. But if you can solder, save the money (I’ve since bought a DIY version).

Any news or prospective availability of the new PI ZERO 2 W? Very interested!


Hi Ray,

You’re quite quick! (hours after release)

We had quite a few on our product page, but keen makers have snaffled them up!

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Already did! I always wanted a better pi zero!

“life is transient but love will endure”

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Hello, I’m looking for ’ Raspberry Pi Zero WH (Wireless with Soldered Headers)’, please help letting know what’s the estimated time for the stock to be available.

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Hi GuruSai,

Welcome to the forum!!

Most Raspberry Pi variants are available in kit format through the Core website.

While we may have sporadic stock here and there, single boards are not expected until 2023 due to an undersupply of boards and an oversupply of accessories. We are unable to provide firm ETAs.

I hope that info helps in some way.