Raspberry Pi Zero W continuous power supply

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to install a raspberry pi zero w into a work vehicle.
I was reading up on the PowerBoost 1000 Charger but I wasn’t sure if it alone would work for my project.

Essentially I would like to power the pi through 5v coming from the vehicle when ignition is on. Ideally I would want it to stay powered for a certain amount of time if the vehicle is switched off to initiate a safe shutdown on the pi.

Does the PowerBoost 1000 provide continuous power to the pi from the battery if the main dc power is turned off (vehicle turned off)?

Is there another product I should be considering for this project?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Graham,

I’m not sure what you mean? There isn’t a fault.


Hi Corey,

The PowerBoost 1000 Charger lets you charge-and-boost at the same time without any interruption on the output so its fine for use as a “UPS” (un-interruptable power supply). Be sure that your 5v from the vehicle can output 2A, and the same goes for the cable from the vehicles 5V and the PowerBoost 1000.

Hope that helps! Be sure to share your finished project over in the projects section of the forum!

Perfect, thanks Stephen!


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