Rechargeable battery for Raspberry Pi

Hi. I’m trying to get a rechargeable battery for my Raspberry Pi and I need it to fit in an enclosure. really I’d like to plug the battery pack into the micro-usb on the Pi and have an external port on the enclosure that I could charge it up with.
I’ve got HDMI turned off on the Raspberry Pi and I’m not using any peripherals. I was looking at this URL and saw the comment “Actually 3.7V will power all but the earliest Pis. What it won’t do is power USB peripherals or HDMI.”

I can change the enclosure if required but at the moment I’ve got a space 66mm x 44mm (approx). Height about 30mm

Thanks for any help or ideas!

Check out this Forum discussion about rechargeable batteries for the Raspberry Pi:

The Powerboost 1000 is probably a good fit for this project. I can’t really speak to the space available in your enclosure. I think the limiting factor would be the size battery you choose to use. If you want to keep your install clean, you can run USB power from the Powerboost to the Raspberry Pi, and use a Panel Mount Micro USB from the Powerboost to the outside of the enclosure.

Wow. That looks fantastic. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

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