Raspberry Pi Zero W Enclosure (Official) (CE04762)

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With the new Pi Zero W comes a snazzy new Pi Zero case! It’s the official case from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and matches the aesthetics of the official Pi 3 case, but with the form factor to match both the Pi Zero and the Pi Zero W.

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I got this with the starter kit.

I couldn’t plug any of the connectors in far enough into the case. I had to cut the sides out for each connector to fit far enough inside.

A bit disappointing for an “official” case

Hi Tony,

Modifying the case shouldn’t be needed under any circumstances! Power is a tight fit, although that’s normal.

OTG should have at least 1mm room, and HDMI should fit easily. Perhaps get in touch with us by replying to your order confirmation email so we can arrange an RTS, or get you back on track if it’s something else.