Slim Case for Raspberry Pi Zero (CE06235)

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A well protected Pi is a happy Pi! The Slim Case for the Pi Zero is perfect for keeping your Pi Zero protected from damage, without adding unnecessary bulk

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Ok, well I have this case and it’s really good, but for some reason I’m not allowed a review. I put a Zero 2 in it, before seeing it "isn’t"compatible, and it works fine. One thing I’d love is if the case had an add-on to suit the Zero4U hub! The case also is a good fit to protect a Pi attached to a hyperpixel display.

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Hi David,

Odd! Perhaps you weren’t logged in at the time, or you have multiple email addresses and multiple accounts?

Nonetheless, thanks for the great feedback :slight_smile: The reason it’s not compatible is that we had to make some cutouts in the acrylic for some of the SMT components, which of course are different between the original and the Zero 2, so they may be getting a bit squished! But if it works and you’re happy, so am I!

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