Raspberry Pi Zero W not working

We purchased a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a present for my 8 YO, who is very computer savvy for his age. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to get it to operate and we don’t know enough to help him. We installed a SanDisk micro SD card and everything seems to be connected to all the right ports and there is a current running through it as the mouse he plugged into it lights up, but nothing registers on the screens we connected to, our TV or our old laptop. I hope someone can give me advice as to what to do.

Hi @Catherine53676,

You’ll need an operating system on the uSD Card you’ve inserted into the Raspberry Pi Zero. Here’s how to do that:

Thanks for that tutorial.
But I am using a Mac and that tutorial is for windows.
I have a SanDisk micro SD card and I’ve tried installing Rasbian and NOOBS already. Do I need to purchase a NOOBS sd card and do you know where to get them from?

Thank you.

There are guides on the www for Mac users as well. Although if you would prefer to buy a pre-configured card, then we have them available here:

But I have a raspberry pi zero w though.
Will it still work?

It sure will! You’ll have the option to install the full Raspbian Package by default with this card. Which is perhaps more appropriate for beginners, as it includes the desktop environment. At any time, the card could be updated with a different operating system by following our tutorials.