Raspberry pi A+

Hi, my 10 year old son just received his Raspberry pi A+ in the post today and it isn’t working. He tried to use it and we just got nothing at all. Please help. Thanks.

Hello Ruth!

Have you looked at our Raspberry Pi Workshop?

This walks you through how to set up your Raspberry Pi for the first time.
Do you have a microSD card with the operating system loaded on it?

Lets get this thing sorted out!

He did have a look at the suggested tutorial and he has a micro sd card which he has put into it. The raspberry pi is turning on, the red and green lights are both staying on all the time and nothing is happening.

Hi Ruth,

What operating system is on the SD Card?

If you’re unsure or need one preloaded, take a look at this (it’ll work just fine with the A+):