SD card included in Pi wireless zero kit nonfunctional

I bought the Pi wireless zero kit and the SD card included in the kit isn’t readable from any external card readers and internal Macbook/Windows laptop SD card readers. All 3 show it as no storage inserted. I reached out to Core and was asked to put this here.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Hi TJ,
I’m assuming you’re talking about the the card supplied with our Raspberry Pi Zero W starter kit?
The card supplied in this kit is pre-flashed with NOOBS so it’s intended to just plug and play with your Pi.

What steps have you taken, and in what order:
Did you attempt to boot the Pi with the card inserted already? What LED activity did you observe on the Pi?

If the card is non-functioning with both the Pi and in a computer, we have an SD recovery tutorial (Windows). Just make sure the write-lock on the SD card is off.

From there you should be able to re-image the card with Raspbian or a copy of NOOBS if you prefer.