Rechargeable battery pack fitting

I purchased the NiMH battery pack 6.0v 2200mah 3+2 AA but the connector does not match the product. How can I get these changed?

Hi Bill,

Do you still have the old battery pack connectors?

If so, there might be an option from some DIY - if you don’t have the tools to crimp a new connector, perhaps you could snip and solder the old connector leads to the new battery pack leads. Use some heatshrink to ensure the leads are insulated.

A note - keep good control of the wire endings and avoid short circuiting the battery. If you do go ahead with the soldering method, work with one wire at a time, leave yourself enough room to strip the wire and then use tape to isolate the exposed wire before pressing ahead with the next one.

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Thanks Graham,

Looks like something I may have to get others to do for me…