Help finding these connectors for 6S lipo battery

Sorry if this is a very basic question. I am new to electronics have recently been getting into this for a drone hobby
One of my 6S 1050mah battery balance lead must of got chopped off from one of the propellers.
I am trying to find a replacement plug. The wires and connector tips look ok

Id prefer to buy an assortment pack of them, that include the one I need now for the 6S battery
I can find some stores that have the connector and leads but I would prefer just the connectors and a few of them in a pack

I am not sure what the exact model / name these particular ones are. They are JST-XH but unsure the exact term for them

Picture of the connector i need:

Hi Patrick,

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I removed the image that you attached since it linked to your Google Drive, copying the image across should keep things anonymous :smiley:

Spot on, with the connector! JST-XH’s are a type of connector made by JST (a company that specialises in manufacturing high-quality connectors).

Core stocks a kit from Adafruit that has connectors with 5-pins but no products with 7-pins.
For something like that at larger volumes I would check out RS-components and Element14.


I remember a post from someone else here with respect to JST connectors. Apparently there is something like about 10,000 different types. So a manufacture can use a type not readily available and hard to source when you only want one.

The ones Core Electronics stock work really well in my experience. RS Components are an excellent supplier but shipping can be costly and some items have a minimum number.

Best of luck.