Tamiya Connector -required standard to mini

Hi, I’m trying to connect a Ni-MH battery with a mini female connector (it looks male but I believe is categorized as female) to a standard sized Tamiya connector (hard wired) 2A charger - again female as per the website’s pictures and descriptions.
I have a photo that I can post when I have the permission to do so.
I don’t have a lot of experience or equipment but could probably do some crimping if I had the right tools and direction.
I have made my own CAT-6 RJ45 networking cables which is the height of my ability thus far.
Thanks and I look forward to hearing your suggestions to connect these two devices.

To clarify - My current devices are - Standard sized female Tamiya → Mini sized female Tamiya
I need to create a Standard sized Male Tamiya → Mini sized Male Tamiya Connector.

I believe that this is what I’m trying to create:

Another example of what i believe is the solution I’m looking for:

Hey Jimi,

The Pololu crimping tools we sell have been found to work well on Tamiya connectors, as shown on the table on their product page:

Here’s the crimping tool in question:

My usual go-to is to find a youtube video on crimping the particular connector I’m doing (I’ve worked with JST, MicroFit, and MLX so far). You should find something fairly easily, but if you don’t, most crimped connectors follow the same pattern of two flaps of metal that clamp down on the conductor, two that clamp down on the insulation, and a flap that helps you hold it, that you’ll snip off when you’re done.

Let me know if there are any more questions on crimping, and I’ll see if I can help!