Recomed switch for Awning light

Hi all.
I have these surface mounted lights on my camper trailer.
Problem is they have no switches, but hooked up to the main switch which is far from ideal.
I was looking as adding a small waterproof switch in the cavity of the end caps…

Any recommendations (see photos for reference)
Lights are 12volt around 4.5W - 6W.

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I have done something similar for a boat. The solution was to mount a small reed switch in the cavity, then fashion a decorative cover for the end of the light fitting and set a magnet into it. When the magnetized cover plate is at the left end of the fitting the light is on. When it is moved to the right end the light is off. That solution depends on having some means of creating a firm press fit for the cover near the end of the fitting so the magnet can activate the switch, and the pictures don’t indicate whether or not this is possible in your case. If that is a metal backing plate behind the light fixture then perhaps you could use one or more additional magnets to locate the activating assembly adjacent to the end of the fixture.

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Thanks for that.
Unfortunately the end caps slot into the light frame. Then the screws go though the end caps

Mayne a mini switch like this

or even this may work

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