Recommendation for display

I am after a recommendation for a display for a radio receiver I am planning to build.
The requirements are 5V supply voltage, I2C comms preferred (but parallel if necessary), resolution > 128 pixels in both directions, preferably bigger than 2 inches, LED/OLED preferred (but LCD if necessary), no touchscreen, graphic display preferred just to learn it, but character display is OK.
The display will be driven by a Microchip controller.
And most importantly, it has to be in stock.
Any thoughts?

Hi Stephen,

I think this is the closest we have:

The only thing it’s missing is a bit more size (it’s 1.5 out of 2 inches)

One good thing is that SSD1327 libraries are everywhere, and I2C is nice and easy to hook up as you say

You can see this too: Blue 128x128 Parallel Graphic LCD from Crystalfontz

Thank you for your recommendation.

No big deal, but the “Datasheet” link on the Zio Display page links to the datasheet for a CUI Inc servo motor.

The Zio display seems to be 3.3V which makes it problematic for me. I know that the supply can be level shifted. But I will take that on only if there is no better solution.

Thanks again.

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Thank you for your recommendation. WOW, do those guys have a lot of displays!!

I will check to see if Crystalfontz has Australian representation.

Thanks again.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for pointing out that bad link! Not sure how it happened but I’ll make sure it gets updated as soon as we have a sec.

Sorry I missed your 5V requirement! In that case, Adafruits grayscale board may be a better pick: