Reliability of RF Wireless IO modules in close proximity to each other

I have an application where I need to transmit a 24VDC digital signal about 50m wirelessly.
Multiply this by about 16 transmitter/receiver pairs in a 300m radius and I am wondering if they will start interfering with each other?

I’m looking at the following module:

Will these modules work reliably?



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What an interesting question, personally, I quite like using LoRa compatible IoT devices instead, it tends to clear the headaches of using RF breakouts that don’t have as much documentation or resources. First question I have is what’s the application? Why do you need to use a dozen or so transceiver setups rather than simply transmitting a signal directly from one location to another?

Should give us a much better idea of what’ll suit in terms of hardware and iron out any issues with the design.


Hi John
You could have a problem transmitting 24VDC wirelessly. You could transmit a tone like a tone keying arrangement but you would have to provide the 24VDC locally and switch it.
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