16 channel wireless transmitter

Hey all.
I am wondering if there would be something for a project i am about to start. I am using 5 four channel jaycar wireless transmitters outdoors for range (plus 4 hard wired switches on a control panel) to send out signals to 4 separate lights with 4 colours on each, with 3 of the colours working separate. As well as one back into the controler as a master. Besides a ton of wires the transmitters are about 100 and the hard wired switches are 50. Is there anything easier i could use? 16 channels out to 4 receiver’s, 4 (3 would work) back in ideally 12v. Cheers

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Hi Dylan,

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How far were you looking to send the buttons and in what environment? To drive the 12V (I assume power hungry output) from the receivers you’ll need a boosting MOSFET board (This one is a favourite :smiley: )

To get more outputs I’d have a look at getting an adding IC (I couldn’t track one down on the Core store)