Controllers for brushless DC Motor

Hello i am currently working on a project that requires creating a motorized wheelchair for a canine. I have purchased an out runner brushless dc motor that is 24V and max 8A with hall sensors. I am aiming for it to be torque controlled can that be done with an ESC? My issue i am having is selecting a controller for it. Do i need an ESC that has a BEC and than attach the hall sensors from the motor straight to the Arduino? Suggestions of ESC would be appreciated or any controller that would work.

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These are a bit confusing, as it stands for Electronic Speed Controller, but some control torque, some control speed.

A BEC will be useful for powering an Arduino or similar microcontroller, but generally an ESC will take the hall effect sensor signals, unless it is referred to as “sensorless”.

I only know about brushless motors through the Odrive project, which exposes torque, speed and position controls, so I don’t have any controller suggestions other than that, but that’s where I’d start:

Okay ignoring the torque aspect, what would be the best suited esc for a motor that can run at 24-48V. Most only have 2-6s LiPo capaibilties and would not supply enough. Thanks

Hi Timothy
There may be a lot of pertinent info here,online_chips:using+arduino:got5idf08ps%3D&usg=AI4_-kRQmyLmMV70NlHj1N_aCPv7ZG8FGQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiU38fXgo3-AhUGE4gKHVFwCzAQgIoDKAF6BAgVEBY&biw=1861&bih=892&dpr=1#imgrc=Xq8SjajPmmx_gM
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Try google “Brushless dc motor controller circuit” and you will find a tab for Arduino and other micro controllers. I have not gone into it at any depth but is not as simple as a brushed motor but has lots of advantages.

Uncle Google seems to have lots of info on the subject. Just have to look.
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edit. The link will work. Try it.

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