Replacement Xbee 3 module

Hi, I can’t find any replacement stock for the XBee 3 Module - PCB Antenna SKU: WRL-15126. I need 1 or 2, and have requested to be notified when they’re in back stock. These components seem to be unavailable globally! If anybody has any spare of these used modules in working condition please let me know, and your price. I am based in Manly.
Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard,

Yes, they’re extremely difficult to source at the moment internationally, I’d suggest also checking in with RS Components, and Element14 to see whether they’ve got any left in stock as well. If there’s anything else that we can help you with please let us know.

Hi Richard,

I had a look and found exactly what you suggested - no stock anywhere. Mouser actually shows their expected availability, and are suggesting they won’t have any until almost a year from now. I’d expect other retailers to follow suit.

Good idea to ask for used devices! Maybe someone here has a few on a shelf they’d be happy to part with.