Restricted rotation of Lead screw stepper motor

With lead screw stepper motors ( Stepper Motor with 28cm Lead Screw: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42×38mm, 2.8V, 1.7 A/Phase) does the lead screw rotate with the shaft? And if so, which linear guide Do I purchase to create only uniaxial motion of the lead screw?

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Hi Finn,

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In regards to Pololu’s range of motors with lead-screws, the shaft is directly attached to the leadscrew (unlike the Ender 3 that uses a coupler).

That will very much depend on your project, I’d check out goBILDA’s range of kits to get some inspiration:

If you can send through some details about how you want to implement your linear rail we can help out some more!