B04F 5V DC 18° Stepper Motor (Seeed Studio) (SS108990002)

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The Stepper with Slider can used in mini laser cuter, mini CNC mechine and mini printer. It’s long trip and large output force. Not only used for DIY, … read more

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Hi all,

could anyone tell me if these or something similar are available with 100mm of travel?

Hi Gavin,

Unfortunately, the only longer option we have I can find is this large stepper (not DC) lead screw:

At 180mm long, it might be too long for your application.

Good luck with the hunt though!

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Hi James.
Thanks for your reply.
I did see those steppers but they would be to big and bulky for this application I have in mind. I also saw the motorised sliding potentiometer which may also work.

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