RF Explorer for Shure Wireless Workbench

Hi, I’m looking for an RF explorer to use with Shure Wireless Workbench. Frequency ranges I need to scan are 470 -940MHz and 1785 - 1800Mhz. Is there a reliable model that covers this range?


Hi Garth
Try here

Cheers Bob

Hi Garth,

Worth noting we stock RF explorers and accessories in our store too:

Though at the time of writing both we and Pakronics are out of stock. This is probably due to the chip shortage, as anything radio tends to need quite a complicated design.

What frequency range were you interested in? I can see that WWB supports a fairly wide range of devices, for example the RTL-SDR:

thanks bob!

Hi James, I’m after frequency range 470 -940MHz and 1785 - 1800Mhz. Am I reading right that this would cover the frrequency bands I need?

RF Explorer - 3G Combo (Seeed Studio) | SS109990009 | Core Electronics Australia (core-electronics.com.au)

I believe I can drop the record the data from most exploers into RF explorer application, export to csv then import the csv into WWB