Roboclaw :adjust on the fly

Hello, I am using a Roboclaw 60 amp solo to steer a small vehicle. I use 2 potentiometers to create closed loop analog control of the wheels. The system works fine. However, the ideal settings for the controller vary with vehicle speed. Normally to test the vehicle I note the speed and then observe and then stop the vehicle and adjust the controller settings to suit that speed. etc etc.
In this way I have experimentally observed the settings required for various speeds.
Now to the question: The settings are written to the controller each time, but is it possible to alter the settings with a speed signal [ normally a pulse train driven off the transmission etc] so that the controller settings automatically adjust as vehicle speeds vary?
The settings that I would potentially need to adjust with vehicle speed is 1] the maximum amperage available to the steer motor and/or 2] the maximum acceleration available for the steer motor.
I assume that if this is possible it will involve code writing in a microprocessor connected to Roboclaw which I would then need to learn to do.
But before going further " Is it possible" to do this?
Thanks Phillip

Yes it is possible to adjust the speed on the fly. There is even an Arduino library available to do this. Read the docs for more information.

just to tidy this up. " there is no Arduino library available to
do what I described" I feel confident about this. It is possible to
do what I describe in my post but it requires writing code which has
been described as " will have challenges regarding code " P.