RockBLOCK 9603 - Iridium SatComm Module (WRL-14498)

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The RockBLOCK 9603 allows you to send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky. It works far beyond the reach of WiFi and GSM … read more

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Is this locked to the RockBLOCK network or can it be used with another provider such as korewireless?

Hi Andrew,

This unit is only compatible with the RockBLOCK service.

Are there schematics available for this device?

Hi Daniel,

I took a look, and it seems any schematics are locked up tight. This is definitely a far cry from the maker electronics we typically manufacture and distribute here!

Ok, no worries, thanks for taking a look.

What about the SIM7000?