Room temperature control with email notification


I am a new in this, pardon the language confusion. The topic should plain self explanatory: I wan to create a device that send me an email if a room temperature exceeding certain threshold, example 30 degree

But, I am stuck in choosing between Raspberry and Uno

With Rasberry, I get this doco:

But then I could not find the " RTC and temperature module from 4D" and I have tried to look other alternative, but not too confident in choosing it.

With Arduino Uno, I could not find a LAN/ETH module that I can use. I found a lot of doco on

Would be great is someone here can list me a hardware I needed and possibly the tutorial :slight_smile:

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For email and network connectivity I would opt for the Raspberry Pi, We have a tutorial on how to install and use a temp sensor with the Raspberry Pi and this tutorial will show you how to email

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Thanks for your reply.

Is there any simpler module I can get (plug and code) than to gather bit of pieces like on your how-to?