Rotary Encoder Push Button

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for anyone who sees this and can assist.

I previously purchased a few of these rotary encoders (Rotary Encoder + Extras | Adafruit ADA377 | Core Electronics Australia) for a project I’m working on, but was curious to know if I could use the push button on these guys to light up an LED.

If this is indeed possible, what would the wiring look like if I’m looking to run this off a Raspberry Pi Zero.


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Hi Shane
The switch is a stand alone Normally Open (NO) switch and you can do what you like with it within current limitations. LED current would be OK.

If you just want to light a LED…The wiring could look something like this.
Power - current limiting resistor - LED - one side of switch. Other side of switch - Ground.
The components can be put in any order anywhere you like in the circuit as long as they are in series.
Cheers Bob


Hi Shane,

Bob’s got the best way to connect in a momentary style button, were you after a toggle?
If so I’d check out the Raspberry Pi online course:


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Thanks Bob, and thanks Liam for the quality and speedy guidance.

I am indeed looking to use this as a toggle, to simply turn an LED (or two or three) and off.

I’ll check out the tutorial and that will no doubt get me sorted.

Thanks again.