How to wire illuminated switches to arduiono board

can any one tell or show me how to connect how to wire illuminated switches to arduiono board
Please help
tony gard

Hi Tony,

If you are referring to these style of swtiches:

Then there are two contacts for the button and two contacts for the LED, one marked + and one -. The forward voltage of the LED is about 2.2V so connect a 220 to 1000 ohm resistor in series just as you would with any other LED to your 3V or higher power supply.

Hi graham
thanks for getting back to me
I am a complete novice at this so please be patient with me
I need to know how to connect the switches 9 I have (9 of them i want to
use) to my arduino uno mega board
could you please send me a diagram of how to do it
I have looked at all or most of the tutorial and they all assume that you
are an electronics expert (not me!!!)
hoe you can help
kind regards
Tony gard

Hi Tony,

No worries. To turn on the LED, wire it up like this to 5V on Arduino.


Note, you need a 1K resistor in series with the LED.

If you want to turn this on/off digitally, then afterwards move it to one of the digital outputs on your Arduino and use code to turn on/off that output.

sorry mate you lost me at resistors and pull ups and pull downs i have no
idea what that means
where do the resistor go and what type of resistors do i use

i have 2 types of resistors (rr0636 0.5 w metal film 470k andres 0.5 w mtl
560r 1%
what does that mean and do i have to connect one resistor to each switch ?

All good :slight_smile:

There are just so many forks in the road, that it would perhaps be best to follow a proven learning experience such as this:

If you already have your own hardware, then check out our own Arduino Course for beginners:

It’s worth noting that the Sparkfun Inventors Kit Guide is also available as a downloadable PDF

Between all of those resources, you’ll be on track to build DIY projects!

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