Rotating clock face

Hi Guys,
hoping you might be able to help me with a project.
i am trying to replicate a clock for my nephew for Christmas.
the clock is from a game called “Zelda: Majoras Mask”.
the trick is that i need to get the actual clock face to rotate, not the hands. there actually are no hands on the clock.

i have found a place that sells the replica clocks, but they only sell them with hands on them instead of the clockface rotating.

i am trying to make it as authentic as possible, so i would prefer to ditch the clock mechanism that it comes with and attach the clockface to something that will get it rotating instead.

i have thought about things like, connecting the clock face to the hour cog on a clock mechanism, but i don’t think it will have the power or torque required to turn the face.
also looked at things like rotating jewelery stands, which will take the weight but will rotate way to quickly (unless someone knows how to slow them down?)

the annoying thing is, i can actually see a bunch of clocks online that are rotating clocks, but i cant find any links to actually buy them! they’re all in articles like “10 awesome clock designs that will blow your mind”, with no links! so frustrating.

the clock itself is made of wood, about 15mm thick, and around 26cm across.

so, in short. i need to try and find a motor/mechanism that will…

  • slowly rotate, completing one full rotation every 12 or 24 hours
  • be able to be attached to a wooden clock face
  • support the weight of a wooden clock face when its hung from a wall
  • hopefully be nice and quiet

to be honest, i don’t know much about motors, so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for your help.

Hi Mat,

Sounds like a great project, be sure to visit our projects section when it’s all together! As for the motor rotation, I would suggest with a stepper motor as it will allow you to rotate in precise angular increments. Most of the steppers motors on our website should do the job, but if you can tell us the exact weight of the clock (including EVERYTHING but the motor) we can more accurately work out what sort of motor specs you’ll need.