RPI 4 with Pimoroni Pibow Coupe 4 and PoE Hat - Doesn't Fit!

Just a word of warning with regards to the above component combination, as this is not stated on the website and doesn’t seem to be widely publicised yet.

I’ve recently ordered a small handful of RPI4’s along with the Pimoroni Pibow Coupe 4 cases and found that the official PoE hat does not fit with this case as assembled.

The top clear plastic layer of the case does not have the required cutouts for the soldered on components on the hat; the three components on the hat which face and are not level with the board hit the top layer of the Coupe 4 case. The case has the holes for the 2x2 PoE pins on the PI4 so I’m pretty sure I’m using the right components.

You can take the top layer off and it fits, but it doesn’t seem ideal. It’s a little disappointing, I suppose I can butcher up the perspex and cut a big chunk out of it but I’d rather not have to do this.

Other than that these are nice cases.