Pi 4 HAT Case

Just wondering if I can install the POE HAT in my PI HUT RASPBERRY PI 4 CASE (WITH COOLING FAN) V3.0 or do i need the special HAT case.

Hi Graeme,

Just grabbed some parts from stock. I’ll do a test fit for you and let you know the results shortly :slight_smile:

Hi Graeme,

Yes, I can confirm the POE Hat on a Pi 4 will fit inside the Pi Hut Pi 4 case, but you’ll need to remove the fan from the lid first.

Ok. Then the Poe fan takes the place of the hat case fan and will cool the CPU?

Yep, exactly :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Pity I didn’t research all this a bit better!. Thanks for your help. I will order the POE hat later