Seeed Dual SATA HAT for Raspberry Pi 4

Has anyone used the Seeed Dual SATA HAT, it looks physically unstable ??
My project is to setup a Pi as a media server using SSD drives.
Guess I could just buy one and try it out, only $40. But would like to know if it will need some kind of physical support for the SSD’s.

Any other suggestions for attaching SSD’s to the Pi would be most welcome.



Hi Jim,

Those SATA hats have been very difficult to get a hold of and are rarely available from Seeed Studio. At one stage they were a Quad SATA hat (you can see where the other SATA ports would go on the PCB) but there must’ve been issues with that, hence switching back to being a Dual SATA Hat.

Perhaps the simplest approach is just to use a USB3.0 to SATA adapter like this:

And house the whole setup in a tupperware container - not pretty, but gets the job done!

There are a few other options floating around for just this purpose though. I think @James may have a Pi based NAS at his house, so when he’s in perhaps he can weigh in on it :slight_smile:


Just got my Pi 3B+ set up with a 1TB SSD on USB port, running OpenMediaVault. OMV is closer to NAS software. Seems to work nicely so far as a media server.

I asked about the Sata interface because I have 2TB & 1TB 3.5" Hard disks, just sitting doing nothing. Been replaced by SSD drives in main PC. These drives will need good physical support, that is not present in the Seeed board. The 2TB is in a USB to Sata case, with separate power supply, allowing for connection to the Pi via a USB port. Yet to test this, want to enjoy the success with the SSD for a day or 2, LOL

The Pimoroni cable would work good with SSD as shown in on the web page. Will keep that in mind.



Highly recommend Open Media Vault for Media Server / NAS setup on Pi.
Need to add the miniDLNA plugin for the TV to see the media server and get videos.

Very impressed with OMV so far, now have the old 2TB Sata drive I mentioned previously added as well as the SSD.

One thing with adding a drive, OMV needs to format the drive before use, Windows format does not work very well.


EDIT: OMV had a problem formatting the 2TB drive, failed about 1/3 of the way through, could not get it to work in the end.
Used a Terminal window; parted and mkfs.ext4 to partition and format the drive. Now attached and shared out in OMV, nice. Link to web page showing how to