Seeking advice on Raspberry Pi Robot with GSM Connectivity


I am thrilled to join the Core Electronics Forum community as a new member!

Project Overview:
My project involves using a Raspberry Pi and a GSM module to achieve internet connectivity for video streaming capabilities on my robot. Here are the specific aspects I’m focusing on:

Internet Connectivity and Video Streaming: I aim to enable my robot to stream video content via the internet using a SIM card connected through the GSM module.

Navigation and Object Avoidance: The robot is equipped with LiDAR technology for object avoidance and will navigate using GPS coordinates provided to follow a predetermined map.

Remote Control Functionality: I need to be able to control the robot’s movements and the direction of the camera remotely, ensuring I can see the video stream and guide the robot accordingly.

Request for Assistance:
I would greatly appreciate any guidance, tips, or resources on how to effectively implement these features, especially concerning connecting to the internet for video streaming and integrating GPS for navigation.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. I’m looking forward to contributing to the forum and learning from everyone’s expertise.

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Hi 3d
Some project. I am a self confessed dummy when it comes to RPi. BUT whatever you use most projects require a logical approach. If you try to attack everything at once you will shoot yourself in the foot big time.
Break the project into separate tasks and milestones. One thing at a time.
Like get your Robot working remotely with a simple comms system first.

There is one thing that stands out though and will require some logical thinking.

I could be wrong but I think that a SIM card and internet connectivity and GSM are completely separate identities. I think the GSM is a one way street, that is receive only. You can’t transmit information back into the internet.
Cheers Bob

I think I have got GSM and GPS mixed up. Had a bit of a brain snap. Where I said “GSM” was a one way street I meant “GPS” so my remarks re this do not apply
Sorry 'bout that.


Hey 3d,

If you are chasing some resources, this fellow made a RPi + 4G rover that he tried to remotely drive across parts of the country. No LIDAR, but might have some guidance in it.

Best of luck!


Hi 3d,

Welcome to the forums!

Jaryd has linked you a great article there that you should give a read and Bob has some excellent advice. Tackle your project in subsystems then integrate them after.

Have a read of those and let us know your thoughts!


Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and your valuable advice! I completely agree that breaking down the project into manageable tasks and milestones is essential for keeping it organized and achievable. Starting with basic remote control and communication functionalities does seem like a wise approach to ensure all foundational elements are working correctly.

Regarding the GSM and GPS after some research:

  • GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is indeed capable of both sending and receiving data, which allows us to use a SIM card for internet connectivity. This will enable the robot to stream video content back to a remote location.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System), as you’ve rightly pointed out, is primarily for receiving location data and doesn’t transmit data back.

Your initial insight about handling project parts sequentially will definitely help streamline the process. I’m currently focusing on getting the GSM module properly set up for internet access and will soon move on to integrating the GPS for navigation.

Cheers, 3dMaster

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Hey JarydG,

Thanks a lot for pointing me towards this project! That sounds like an incredibly relevant resource, especially considering it involves a Raspberry Pi and 4G connectivity for remote operations. While my project incorporates LiDAR and GPS navigation.

I’ll dive into the tutorial and see how they managed connectivity and remote control aspects, which are crucial for my project. It’s great to find examples like this where adventurous spirits push the boundaries of what can be done with technology.

I appreciate your help and the link! I’m sure it will be a great help as I continue to develop my robot.

Best regards,

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Hi Jack,

Thank you for the warm welcome! I really appreciate the guidance from both and I agree that the article linked is a fantastic resource.

I am currently reviewing the project tutorial to glean insights on connectivity and remote control systems, which are integral parts of my project. I will definitely share my thoughts and progress as I apply what I’ve learned and continue building out the subsystems.

Thanks again for the supportive and constructive advice. Looking forward to more interactions on this forum!


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