Raspberry Pi4 with SIM7600G-H 4G HAT send panorama pictures

by chance I found on YouTube the video of TIM on how to configure the Raspberry with the SIM7600G HAT for SMS and GPS positioning, and I must say really professional and well done!

Ideal for those starting out in this field, as in my case! :blush:

This reawakened in me an old private project that I had started with a PLC, a SIM modem, some electronic card and a camera at my father’s land in the mountains.

The idea was to take hourly photos of the fantastic view and automatically send them via SIM modem to a PC server to be presented / uploaded on a private web page … unfortunately this worked out badly, and the project was shut down.

I think the use of a Raspberry Pi with 4G HAT and a high-resolution PI camera module is ultimately much more compact and simple than what I used several years ago.
It would also solve the problem of battery level monitoring (under solar charging) and various alarms and data from other sensors via SMS messages (the only very stable line in that mountains area)

For the Ethernet connection in that area there are times when the LTE/4G signal is very low or almost 0/nil and then recovers to medium levels, so the Internet connection should be able to handle this continuous signal change.
Last year it was only rarely impossible to make a videocall via WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, I’m a PLC programmer with very little experience in Linux and with Raspberry PI, so I’m looking for someone who can help me or can create a video like the one made by TIM explaining the basic HAT modem set up, camera and some Python code to manage the system and send the images on an hourly basis to a given IP address for management.

That would be a nice thing to help me enter the IoT world more!
I thank everyone in the forum
BR // Manuel


Hi Manuel,

We won’t be able to do any design or assembly for you as that’s not a service we can offer, we just provide free advice for people who want to DIY their own projects via this forum.

You’re welcome to ask around for people who may want to do the work for you but keep in mind this is a public forum open to the whole internet.
Don’t post your phone number or personal details publically or you may find yourself on a spammers list. You can contact any forum member via private message by clicking on their profile image if you need to.

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Many thanks for the reply and the security tips.

Surely someone has had experience in setting up the RPI4 HAT modem correctly, and perhaps someone else in using the camera and automatically sending pictures.

Or there are already excellent descriptions available on the internet?!
Combining different experiences and help maybe I am able to create my own project and learn the system and the Linux IoT world …

Hi Manuel,

While a bit more ambitious than what you require, the Rooberry Pi project is an excellent example of this:


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Hi James,
Many thanks, truly an interesting project and very similar to what I intend to carry out.

I hope very much that I will be able to realize my project and be able to present it to the community, although I am always tempted to go back to using the PLC (where I master the software).

I can’t find on the internet a serious description (step by step) of how to arrange the stable and correct set-up of the SIM7600G HAT, as already accented the Tim YouTube presentation is perfect (on my level) … but it was limited to SMS and GPS service, I hope it will make the second presentation by completing with LTE/4G usage! :pray:


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I have not used the GPS module that you’re using. But I have used some others. I noticed that those GPS modules do not output any data indoors. Along with using a compatible antenna, either you have to use them outdoor or at least keep the antenna out from the window, while all the other components may stay inside the room.

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