Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer for Arduino (SEN0386)

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Hello core electronics!

I was just wondering if you could send me some additional information on the Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer for Arduino please?

Wondering what sort of duration of time it can collect data for and how long the battery would last for?

I am looking for a medical science application of this sort of tech but no very little about this side of the research concept and would love some help.

Thank you for your time!


Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum!!

This one isnt like a fully baked datalogging sensor, you’ll need to hook up a microcontroller to read the data, give it some power (through its regulator or an external one).
This sensor doesnt have a way of storing a signal, it relays the data to another board very quickly!

I did a bit of digging and it looks like the IMU is similarly specced to an MPU6050.

To store data and add a battery you’ll have to do some developing of your own, its pretty easy these dats with variants of Python floating around though!
Personally I’d go for the RPi Pico
You can connect to it via USB and have the data appear straight on your screen through the REPL.

Datalogging is a bit harder, this topic over on the RPi forums bump into a couple issues but got it working in the end: Is a data logging app possible in Micropython? - Raspberry Pi Forums
If you pop together a Pico, expansion board and a LiPo you’ll have a system that you can run however you want (again with a bit of dev work!)