Vibration Senor with Data Logger (Parts & Support)

Hi - I wanting a simple vibration sensor which allows to measure external vibration with a building and the ability to record the information for a long period (7 day or longer)
There are various vibration sensor (with data loggers) in the market . I’m trying to keep cost to a minimum. I know the Core sell

Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer for Arduino (SKU: SEN038) - but I’m not familiar with the electronic and wiring of this unit. I hoping someone can assist with an all in one unit (which will allow long term recording and then the ability to download the data t computer. (or make suggestion as to the correct components to create this)


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There is a link to the DFRobot product wiki on that page, that ought to be a good starting point.

I’m not sure what your intentions are with this project, though I guess you ultimately need to explore at a bit more depth what data is going to drive insights and work backwards from that with your product design.

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Hi Gramo
I need a vibration senor with (data storage - self contained with its own power source) - It is to be used to monitor vibration caused from trains (within a building site). The senor needs to be able to record the displacement -continuously for long period (7-28 days)
The Serial 6 - Axis will be a good start, but it is connected to a Arduino unit - which will then need to be connect to laptop/computer for continuation recording.
I was hoping to find a senor with a built in recorder (data logger -with SD card or its own built-in memory storage), and a long life battery. So the unit is self contained - and can be left there (for a long period) and then after 7-28 days. I can come along and retrieve the information by down loading into a laptop.

I hope this makes more sense.
Thanks Mook

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Hi Mook,

Welcome to the forum!!

It sounds like this project is getting into the commercial space a bit and will need to be reliable - I’d check out some local engineering firms to see if they can assist with the project.

If you’re keen on learning and DIY your project I’d check out the openLog range of boards:
(I’d check that the module you linked above works with the openLog you are after if you go down that route)


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Hi Liam - I’m only doing this for home use (not commercial). I m aware there a some vibration senors (with data loggers) in the market , but extremely pricey. Thus my question if there is a simple senor which will allow me to do this. Its the long term monitoring of the vibration which is important to me to capture.
Ive found this on Amazon
But again its only allows real-time-monitoring

Hi Mook
Have a look at the device mentioned here

SM-24 Geophone

in a post above. Might have more support regarding logging readings. Don’t know, just a thought.
Cheers Bob

Hi Mook, this software might give you an affordable setup. You can buy a 2 channel DAQ to go with it for US$400. I am also looking into cheaper sensors that run through the windows sound cards. You can use the software for free for 12 months. You would also need the laptop, which you can run off a battery. I have set those up before. But obviously easier if you can run mains power.

Disclaimer: I wrote the software myself.

What is your reason for measuring? Cosmetic damage to the building from ground vibration? Annoyance? Is there a potential legal aspect?